Empower Women Pod—The Encore

After the amazing success of the Empower Women Series (EWS) events led by our President Kristine Porcaro, we are now launching a PodCast dedicated to sharing the knowledge of the amazing guests that make the EWS a reality. You will get to listen to the key takeaways of all of our guest speakers in a candid and freeform conversation. We will also have exclusive interviews with other amazing women that have inspired us and continue to do so.

Available Episodes

Between the Head and the Heart

We will have candid conversations that will gravitate between the emotional and the rational side of money. From college planning insights to how Tax Law Changes can affect your portfolio, to what is a robo-advisor, “Between the head and the heart” will give you a simpler explanation to commonly complicated topics.

Available Episodes

The Entrepreneur’s Wallet

Join Jordi Mullor & Michael Tucci as they chat with entrepreneurs about their business journey and their relationship with money along the way. From emotional stories about the moments that surround selling their company, to the conversations about how they balanced paying rent in the early days while pumping money into their business, to exploring what money means to them now, the interviews are an insight into a world that only close friends and family get to see about entrepreneurs. Please leave us questions, comments, or suggestions of entrepreneurs you would like to learn about.

Available Episodes