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A day with  

Alex Honnold

Hear from Alex Honnold about his journey to become the first human to free solo El Capitan.

Alex will be available for workshop sessions throughout the day. Get to ask him questions, meet him, or simply just be around. Save your spot.

Keynote Address



Lexington Wealth Management and Brooklyn Boulders staff will be joined by expert professionals in many areas. From climbing lessons 101 to assessing your personal risk profile.  

Pinnacle Focus

When Extraordinary Happens

We will also screen "Free Solo" for those who haven't watched it. 

"On June 3, 2017, Alex Honnold free soloed the Freerider route of El Capitan in three hours and 56 minutes. It wasn’t an act of recklessness but of the kind of planning worthy of a moon landing. It wasn’t an act of selfishness but an extraordinary gift to everyone who believes that the limit of human achievement is far from being reached. It wasn’t a useless stunt but a reminder that utility alone is a poor way to measure the grandeur of one man’s spirit."

Bret L. Stephens, NY Times Editorial

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  Why should you attend?  

When was the last time you had to focus all of your energy towards a goal? One that pushed your boundaries on what was possible... one that redefined who you are and what you could accomplish... If you are an entrepreneur, an athlete or someone looking to challenge your own limits, this event is for you. 

Alex will share his journey to what is now considered the greatest athletic achievement of all time. 

  Ask Yourself  

Am I working towards a goal? Am I focusing on something worth focusing on? What is my personal risk profile? Do I have the right team to accomplish my goals even though I'm focusing 100%? What will my legacy be? 

At Lexington Wealth we ask these questions constantly, it keeps us focused and aligned to what matters to you.

What to expect

From 11:30AM - 6:00PM we will have tons of activities for you. From workshops focusing on entrepreneurship, to climbing lessons for different levels, to Alex's keynote presentation, to panel discussions, "Pinnacle Focus" is guaranteed to be a valuable life changing experience. 

You will be able to save your spot for the different sessions once the event gets closer. 

You can RSVP TODAY for the general Keynote Session at 4:00PM


Connecting the Head and the Heart of Wealth Management

the day

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Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

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Why is Lexington Wealth bringing this event to you?

Guiding our clients to identify their passion and reach their pinnacle in life is what we do. As Alex's achievement embodies, having the right plan, discipline, focus and team in place will accomplish your goals. Lexington Wealth Management is the firm that will get you there. We are nimble and able to keep you on your path even when adverse conditions arise. 

Registration for individual sessions opened March 11th

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