Tax Reform Insights & Planning Points

In our March 2018 Insights Glenn Frank and Mark Carley discuss the following topics:

  • High level changes and main planning points
  • Schedule A – Standard Deductions
  • Charitable Gifting – Implications and possible unintended consequences of the tax law changes
  • Investment Income – Not many changes, but…
  • Education – More ways to benefit from funding education
  • Estate Planning – How does it affect you and the next generation
  • Business Planning – A new deduction…if you qualify

Read the entire Insights here or download the file below.

Also, listen to our episode about this topic in our Podcast “Between the Head and the Heart”. Jordi Mullor has a candid conversation with Glenn Frank about how all these changes can affect your money and portfolio. Please share with everyone you think might get value out of it!

Between the Head & the Heart

In our first episode of “Between the Head & the Heart” we are digging right into a heavy and complicated topic: Taxes!

Glenn Frank, Tax Investment Strategy Director at Lexington Wealth, explains in simple terms some of the most important changes that Congress passed last December. Our conversation focused on 6 main areas and the related planning points in an attemp to simplify the conversation.

Listen to our first episode here:

We hope you enjoy his candor and the insights he provided during the interview. Please reach out to us if you have an questions and suscribe to this and our other two podcasts. We really value your feedback!

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