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Connect. Connect. Connect.

That has been our mantra for quite some time at Lexington Wealth, and we truly are passionate about it. We have learned through the years that connecting people and resources together continues to bring amazing outcomes to the relationships we are lucky to be a part of. Today, we are connecting in a new and deeper way with all of you. We are very excited to announce the launch of a series of podcasts that will bring our connections, network, knowledge and experiences closer in a wide range of topics. We can’t wait for you to listen to them and share them with everyone. We hope you enjoy them!

 Our Podcasts

The Entrepreneur’s Wallet

Our culture promotes entrepreneurship. Our network is full of entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs. Join Jordi Mullor, Head of Operations & Marketing, and Michael Tucci, CEO & Co-Founder, as they chat with successful entrepreneurs about their emotional journey through their companies and their relationship with money along the way. You will listen to different stories directly from the entrepreneurs. From what it feels to sell your company, to the anxious days of balancing paying rent at home and growing your business at the same time, to the passions that drive success to this day, the involvement of their family and how they see their legacy after business life. The Entrepreneur’s Wallet attempts to bring you into the world not many get to live in, the entrepreneur’s journey and their relationship with money.
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Listen to the first two episodes here:

Empower Women Pod – The Encore

The Empower Women Series goes Pod! After the amazing success of the Empower Women Series (EWS) events led by our President Kristine Porcaro, we are now launching a monthly PodCast dedicated to sharing the knowledge of the guests that make the EWS a reality. In the “Empower Women Series – The Encore”, you will get to listen to the key takeaways of all of our guest speakers in a candid and freeform conversation. We will also have exclusive interviews with other remarkable women that continue to inspire us. Hosted by Kristine Porcaro & Jordi Mullor, “EWS – The Encore” will give our listeners a unique window into the passion and work of all of our EWS speakers.
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Listen to the first two episodes here:

Between the Head & the Heart

We are excited to launch “Between the Head & the Heart”. In this PodCast, we will have candid conversations that will gravitate between the emotional and the rational side of money. From college planning insights, to how Tax Law Changes can affect your portfolio, to what is a robo-advisor, “Between the Head & the Heart” is meant to give listeners insight into topics commonly avoided because of their complexity and simplify them for you. Our first episode reflects on how the new Tax Law Changes affect your money. We hope you subscribe and share all the episodes.

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