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Empower Women

Get Ready! We’re launching the LWM Empower Women Series in 2017. The goal of this series is for our ladies to come to a welcoming setting where they can ask the questions they never asked. Take charge of your financial life. Be empowered. No question is a stupid question and we’ll answer in the simplest… Read more »

The Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

What is a Donor Advised Fund? A Donor Advised Fund, DAF, is an account to which an individual can make an irrevocable, charitable contribution of assets and realize immediate tax benefits. The donation can be cash or appreciated securities. The assets in the DAF can be invested and appreciate tax-free. (Investment options depend on the… Read more »

Tax Loss Harvesting: Why & How We Do It

A relatively new client of Lexington Wealth Management called and told us her tax preparer had reviewed her account statements and warned her that her portfolio was “losing money.” She nervously asked what was happening, and we explained she hadn’t actually lost money. In fact, she had made money, but in the course of doing… Read more »

College Planning: The Funding Years

The annual cost of college continues to rise, leaving many families uncertain of how they will pay for it. Sallie Mae’s recent report, “How America Saves for College 2015,” showed 59% of parents expressed some apprehension about saving for college.1 The first step in addressing this issue is to understand the different savings options available… Read more »

Reversing a Roth IRA Conversion

There are many sound reasons for converting funds in a Traditional (tax-deferred) IRA to a Roth (taxexempt) IRA. For instance, you anticipate being in a much higher marginal tax bracket in the future or you currently have favorable tax attributes, (charitable contribution carryovers or large business losses – NOLs), that can help offset the majority… Read more »

Estate Planning Essentials

As is often said, everyone has an estate plan. It’s just a question of whether or not you created it or settled for the one provided for you under the intestacy laws of your state of residence. Most folks don’t realize this, nor are they aware that, no matter how large or small, they do,… Read more »

Cybersecurity – How to Protect Yourself

As the world changes with ever advancing technology, our personal identity is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Fraudsters are getting more and more creative on ways to steal your identity through your computer.

Special Edition – Insights Follow Up

After our February Insights, “Caring for an Aging Parent with Love and Dignity,” came out we got some great feedback. One of our friends suggested we share some information about Aging Life Care™ specialists and how they work with families to solve problems. She was kind enough to share the following information from aginglifecare.org so… Read more »

Social Security – The Claiming Decision

The 37-page Social Security Act was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 14, 1935. Retirement benefits paid from Social Security are part of the retirement plan of almost every American worker. Studies have shown that Social Security benefits replace about 40% of the pre-retirement income for the average worker.

Getting Started with Medicare

President Johnson signed the Medicare bill into law in 1965 and the program began eleven months later on July 1, 1966. Today, Medicare provides federal health insurance to over 55 million senior and disabled Americans. In fiscal year 2014, the Federal Budget was $3.5 trillion. $505 billion, or 14%, of that budget went to Medicare… Read more »

Caring for an Aging Parent with Love and Dignity

Unplanned Journeys We both have had the privilege of and responsibility for walking beside our mothers during the last miles of their lives. Each  step demanded that we create new strategies. Along our journeys we created new, unexpected and cherished relationship  with our moms during our time as caregivers Kristine’s Story My mom Carole was… Read more »

Breaking the 4% Rule

In October 1994, William P. Bengen published an article for the Journal of Financial Planning entitled “Determining Withdrawal Rates Using Historical Data.” He wrote, “Assuming a minimum requirement of 30 years of portfolio longevity, a first-year withdrawal of 4 percent, followed by inflation-adjusted withdrawals in subsequent years, should be safe.”

2015 LWM Insights

LWM Insights from 2015: Planning Perspectives, January 2015 Can Anyone Time the Market? February 2015 Asset Allocation – The Long Term View, March 2015 Three Questions that Predict Future Quality of Life, April 2015 The Forest and the Trees, May 2015 Charitable Remainder Trusts, June 2015 Loss of a Loved One, July 2015 Summer Savings:… Read more »