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Investment Update April 2019

Key Points U.S. stocks continue to trend higher, indicating investor optimism about economic growth, while a flat/inverted yield curve has tended to herald a weakening economy—the truth may be somewhere in between. Mixed economic data... Read More »

Investment Update March 2019

Key Points U.S. stocks have been fairly resilient in the face of slowing economic growth and rising fears of a recession. Volatility has been subdued, but bouts could reemerge dependent on a few key developments. A recession is inevitable... Read More »

LWM Insights

Inflation – Learn the Basics

What is Inflation Have you ever heard the expression, “A dollar doesn’t get you what it used to?”  In 1950, you could famously buy a can of Coke for a nickel.  If you were to go out to your local grocery store in 2019, that same can of... Read More »

Time, Money & Joy – Navigating the Intersection

Do you want to be happier? Do you want to make better decisions?  I asked myself these same questions a few years ago. My expertise was with money, not time management or psychology. As a financial planner, our mandate has always been... Read More »


Lexington Wealth Management Partners with HighTower to Leverage Scale and Advance Growth

The Boston-area advisory business enters into a strategic partnership with national wealth management firm     LEXINGTON, Mass – August 20, 2019– Lexington Wealth Management(LWM) today announced that it has forged a strategic... Read More »

Lexington Wealth Management event highlighted in the The New Yorker

"Pinnacle Focus: A Day with Alex Honnold", keeps getting noticed by the national press as an event that brought two different worlds together for a day of personal development and growth. This past April, more than 500 people attended more than 25... Read More »