The Gift Behind Your Money Story

Tuesday April 9, 2019 12:00 pm
727 Marrett Rd A, Lexington, MA 02421

Thank you for joining us for our April Empower women event, The Gift Behind Your Money Story, hosted by Janet Stokes. Janet Stokes, is a CPA, ICF credentialed coach, meditation instructor and owner of the Center for Redesigning Life. Janet’s coaching practice focuses on leadership and supporting women through major life transitions– career change as it relates to whole-life purpose, post-divorce, empty nest and retirement living. Janet’s eclectic background includes 30+ years as a CPA, as well as extensive training in bioenergetics, neuroscience and coaching. Her training and experience allow a unique melding of mind, body and spirit that support her clients in a holistic, sustainable process. In the workshop, Janet shared what is going on in your brain and body regarding your approach and feelings around money, as well as steps you can take to shift those feelings if they are no longer serving you.

Please enjoy our podcast interview and takeaways for this event.

To RSVP to future events, visit: Empower Women

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