Inflection – How you are shaping your future… today

Tuesday May 22, 2018 5:00 pm
33 Marrett Road, Scottish Rite Museum, Lexington MA 02421

Why You Should Attend

Whether you are going through a transition in your personal life or business, “Inflection” will arm you with resources and tools for your next stage in life.

We are gathering an incredible group of panelists that will discuss relevant topics for both your “Head” & “Heart” in two intimate sessions.

Join us for this unique event over hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and start shaping your future… today.

To learn more about the panelists, the event, agenda and more visit the link below:


Event Takeaways & Resources by Panelist

Patricia Chadwick

Stamford Research Study

Local Resources & Partners

Other Resources


Encore Boston Network:


The Ten Life Goals
  1. Beyond-the-Self Goals
  2. Work on something that improves the lives of others
  3. Work on something that contributes to the world
  4. Teach what I’ve learned in life to others
  5. Contribute to building a good community
  6. Pursue my spiritual goals
  7. Self Goals
  8. Pursue a hobby or sport that I love
  9. Work toward strengthening my financial situation or building up my net worth
  10. Gain new skills and knowledge
  11. Find ways to spend time with family and good friends
  12. Prioritize my health and well being

Danielle Gottesman

Writer, Wellness Coach
DBG Wellness
Instagram: @daniellegottesmanwellness
Facebook: @gottesmanwellness

Meredith Pensack, LTCP

Long-Term Care Insurance Planning

Video Resource:

Article about Care giving (CNBC)

Article about Costs of Care giving (Barrons)


Katherine Grondin

MSW,  President/Founder



Marco Sanchez

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Movement as Medicine


Glenn Frank




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