Increase your Financial Confidence: Lean Into Your Financial Life

Tuesday April 11, 2017 12:00 pm
12 Waltham Street, Lexington, MA 02421

Feeling stuck with your money? Do you feel a kind of “fogginess” when dealing with the practicalities of your money? Are you embarrassed, confused, anxious, overwhelmed, or paralyzed by how much or how little money you have? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this workshop could be helpful for you.

In a society where it is often easier to discuss sex than money, many of us have hidden issues about our personal finances. Because money is still a taboo subject, many women seem to feel that if they don’t acknowledge or talk about it, it will sort itself out magically or someone else will come to the rescue and deal with it for them.

This workshop offers you a unique opportunity to be with a small group of women—to exchange ideas, share insights, hopefully let go of a little emotional baggage around money, and have some fun doing it.

You will have the chance to:
o Identify your attitudes and habits about money
o Revise beliefs and attitudes that limit your success
o Create new possibilities

Szifra (SHifra) Birke is one of only a handful of professionals working at the intersection of emotions and wealth. Her work with families and their financial advisors is grounded in over 30 years of experience in behavioral health and helping people with transitions. She has received national print, broadcast and Internet attention including being recognized by PBS host Bill Moyers and featured in The Psychology of Wealth, Bringing Money Into the Conversation, Business Week, Investment News, Dow Jones Newswire, the Christian Science Monitor and the Boston Globe. Szifra is the author of Together We Heal and is the producer and co-host of Shrink Rap, a syndicated cable TV show broadcast since 1997.

Szifra earned a BA in Psychology and Education from Boston University, and an MS in Professional Counseling from Purdue University. She grew up fully involved in her family’s retail business and has co-owned a number of other small businesses over the years.

Come prepared with questions you want to talk about. Szifra will tailor her conversation to the needs of the women who attend.

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