Investments are where we started and we’re really good at it.

They’re still our core service and most clients come to us first for our investment expertise. (They find out about the other great stuff later.)

In order to build the right portfolio for you, we start with a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, goals and individual objectives. What do you want and need for yourself, for your family, for charity?

Then rest assured, we strive to do our best. We’ve hired ROCATON as our research resource, we are fee only— the most ethical standard in our industry—so we can be objective on your behalf. We’re always investigating innovative ways to enhance and protect your wealth. Your portfolio will be flexible, responsive, and true to your goals. And our 360º view helps manage the vicissitudes of investing, so you’ll face difficult decisions with confidence.

We work with individuals, wealthy families, and small businesses, providing them with investment consulting services tailored specifically to their needs.

We work with you to:

  • Invest your wealth to achieve your critical objectives
  • Hold and transfer your wealth to preserve its full value
  • Leverage your wealth to expand your ability to reach your goals
  • Organize and simplify your wealth so you can make better use of your time
  • Provide specialized advisory services to optimize your wealth in all its dimensions.

Investment Committee

Our internal investment committee is made up of talented professionals with over 100 years of combined industry experience. With designations such as CFA’s, CPA’s, MBA’s, MST’s, CIMA’s and more. We come together monthly to discuss capital markets, forecasts and what’s best for our clients. We do this with the support of one of the largest independent research firms in the country, Rocaton. Together we can bring global access to the any investment solution available to meet your needs.

Rocaton, our research firm

Rocaton Investment Advisors was founded in April 2002 by a team of experienced investment professionals who had all previously worked together at another investment consulting firm. From day one, Rocaton’s primary focus has been to provide proactive, objective investment consulting services to institutional investors.

Their firm is distinguished by the following attributes:

  • Independence – As a 100% employee-owned firm, their success depends on the success of their clients’ investment programs. Firm ownership is broadly distributed among their senior professionals and they do not have any outside shareholders.
  • Focus – Investment advice is their only line of business. They advise large and sophisticated institutional and high net worth investors that, collectively, have approximately $425 billion in assets. Their clients have direct and ready access to the partners of the firm, as a partner of the firm serves as the primary point of contact for each client relationship. This unique service delivery model sets Rocaton apart from many of its competitors and ensures alignment of interests.
  • Experience – On average, their senior research and consulting professionals have more than 22 years of industry experience and have worked together for 12 years. Their investment professionals have diverse backgrounds, with prior experience as portfolio managers, plan sponsors, treasury professionals, actuaries and other related financial positions.
  • Stability – Rocaton is a full service, independent investment consulting firm headquartered in Norwalk, CT–less than an hour from New York City. The founding partners continue to lead the firm and are joined by other experienced investment professionals.
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