Our Story

Talk to us because we will really listen to you.

Mike and Kris came together in 2000 because they know doing the right thing leads to success. They’re right. So we make sure we have the time, energy, and resources to do the right thing by you. That means personal attention, concierge services, and truly custom-built solutions.

We connect the head and the heart of wealth management, where logic and emotion come together and sometimes clash. So that’s why we listen with the heads of entrepreneurs and the hearts of social workers. (Always thinking and ready to help.) We get to know who you are and how you feel about what your money does for you. Open conversation matters.

So do ongoing training and skills upgrades. We challenge ourselves to be on the forefront of knowledge. We’re entrepreneurial on your behalf.

It’s your money. We want you to feel good about it.

Money can be complex, confusing, and emotional. If you’re not comfortable with a financial decision, it’s not a successful one.

At LWM, we take a 360º view of your needs, resources, and goals. We understand that financial decisions during major life events are profoundly affected by a client’s state of mind. (Lots of research supports this!1) That’s why we’re one of the first wealth management firms in the country to include a psychologist as part of our team. We believe managing the ups and downs of both the portfolio and emotional volatility that our clients face is critical. Reducing the magnitude of losses has significant compounding benefits and makes rebounding quicker. Significant life decisions should be part of the process. So should your comfort in addressing them.

Because our clients often turn to us to help cope with life-changing events, our expertise in investment management and risk management is sometimes just part of your plan. We work closely with CPAs, estate attorneys, divorce attorneys, and other professionals. Whatever your unique circumstances, we assemble the team that will do the job with as little drama as possible. We call it Connecting the Head and Heart of Wealth Management™. You’ll call it a great way to get to sleep at night.

Here’s some financial talk.

We’ve always been early adopters of new technologies and services. Asset allocation and asset location, consolidated performance reporting, Monte Carlo Simulation Analysis, tax strategies, concentrated wealth strategies, alternative investments—we love this stuff. Just so you know, they’re all part of making your portfolio work hard for you. Lexington Wealth Management was also at the vanguard of another emerging national trend, focusing on the emotional and psychological factors that often affect financial decisions.

We believe strongly in teamwork, humility, staying connected, and being proactive and passionate. Our investment philosophy is to balance highly quantitative information with a qualitative asset allocation approach. But by far the most important question is: Is it working for you? Your success is our greatest accomplishment.

Why fee-only matters.

LWM is fee-only and conflict-free. We take no commission or soft dollars; we offer no pre-packaged models or proprietary products. Being independent means we recommend and construct the financial framework that works hardest to meet your goals.

We listen. Then we add in expertise from nationally recognized financial and tax planners, world-class research, a best-in-class reporting package, forward-thinking investment strategies—and lots of conversation with clients.

Today, Lexington Wealth Management serves over 300 individuals, wealthy families, and small businesses, with a net worth in the $2 to $100 million range. We’re based in Lexington, MA — we’re also happy to come to you!

1Dalbar and many other behavioral studies have shown the significant emotional/behavioral impact that regular investors can have on their portfolios.